Sameer’s Memorial Slideshow


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  1. Robert, Shital & Diya Says:

    Sameerbhai, we will always be together.


  2. Varsha Says:

    My heart breaks to watch this slideshow. Sameer’s spirit and sense of humor comes across so strongly through his photos. I was not privileged to know him personally but I feel as if I “knew” him through following his story and reading of his trial through this awful disease. I have watched this video three times now with tears in my eyes and great sadness in my heart. My thoughts and prayers are with the Bhatia family, may God bless you all.

  3. Kaori & Raji Says:


    We miss you big time….

  4. Gita Says:

    I Cannot begin to tell Bhatia Family how sorry I am for your loss. What a fighter Sameer was. I have two boys of his age, I wish I had met Sameer. Through the Video he seems like a very charming guy. May his soul rest with God. I pray to Lord Vishnu to give Bhatia Family and all his friends to give strength.

  5. Madhu Krishnan Says:

    Such beautiful memories of Sameer to cherish!

  6. Saritha Says:

    I just could not control my feelings when I saw this slideshow - I cant imagine what Reena and Sameer’s parents must be going through. It is so evident that he is such a positive person full of enthusiasam and energy - a very good soul. I am sure he is looking over you Reena - I will definitely pray to God to give all of you enough strength to go on and achieve Sameer’s dreams. I dont think anyone can accept that he is no more - he will always live as an inspiration in all our hearts. with lots of prayers….

  7. Sujatha Palani Says:

    I pray to God, May Sameer’s soul rest in peace.
    He was a great insipration to all of us.
    I was going through a tough time this year, Whenever i felt down i used to read sameer daily updates to gain strength. He was a wonderful person filled with great qualities.
    My prayers are with the Bhatis family.

  8. Sujatha Palani Says:

    I pray to God, May Sameer’s soul rest in peace.
    He was a great insipration to all of us.
    I was going through a tough time this year, Whenever i felt down i used to read sameer daily updates to gain strength. He was a wonderful person filled with great qualities.
    My prayers are with the Bhatia’s family.

  9. Deepa Idnani Says:

    Sorry to hear of Sameer’s passing.
    May the Almighty GOD make his soul rest in peace and give his family the strength to face this grief.
    My prayers are with the Bhatia’s family

  10. Bucky Says:

    Very touching, Thank you for sharing these mmemories. Through photo’s it is evident that anyone would have wanted to be around Sameer. God bless all of you.

  11. Saranya Says:

    Dear Bhatia Family,

    Viewing the slides has given us more insight into his beautiful , short life. We are grieving so much for a person we don’t know, I can only imagine your pain and loss. I pray you find healing in your hearts & find yourself surrounded by god’s love.

    When you are ready,let us march forward and keep Sameer’s drive to find a cure for this dreadful disease …ALIVE!!!

    With best wishes,
    Saranya Reddy

  12. Shalini Says:

    Beautiful memorial for a truly incredible person. Rest in peace Sameer.

  13. Usha Says:

    I never knew Sameer personally, but I have been following his courageous story through this website. Someone close to my heart is also fighting this battle and we have gained strength and inspiration from Sameer through out our struggle. Sameer was an incredibly amazing person. He had become a part of our lives. It feels as though we have lost our own. We feel devastated. We pray to God to give the Bhatia family the strength to deal with this tragic loss. Our love to Reena. Please know that Sameer is in a much better place now. He has gained eternal peace. May God watch over all of you.

  14. Ravi Sanga Says:

    Uncle, Auntie, Prashant, Reena and Sameers close friends — From the iwonderful memorial and tributes, it was truly obvious that you had a wonderful gift in your lives and he was lucky to have each of you. What a wonderful family you are.

    Although I didn’t see Sameer since he was 18, keeping up to date on his fight and his final end really shook me up…. and I can’t imagine what you all must have been through.

    Rest in peace Sameer and God be with you all.


    Ravi and Madhu Sanga

  15. gayatri Says:

    sameer, may your soul rest in peace. my thoughts and prayers are with the
    bhatia family.

  16. Hardy Thomas Says:

    I pray to the almighty to help samir and take care of him in his life up above.
    I would like to tell everyone that I had met him only once and he is a guy who really had passion for whatever he has done. The world misses a person like you Samir.

  17. Meghana Says:

    Dear all,
    I have been following Sameer’s story since last summer—he got the Indian community involved in bone marrow drives-and started conversations we were not having. I am completely heartbroken for Reena and the entire family, but I also know that because you all were touched by Sameer, you have a special gift of strength and grace that will carry you forward until God brings you home to join Sameer once again. I pray for all of God’s grace and love to be poured down onto you all.

  18. Shilpa Says:

    We are very sorry for you loss. Sameer will always be with you. He was very lucky to be among caring people and everyone was lucky to be around such a warm and caring man. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  19. sarita dalmia Says:

    It is difficult to accept that our Charming Incredible boy is no more.May his soul rest
    in peace.All our Prayers for Bhatia and Patel family.
    Ashok,Sarita,Parikshit,Sweta Dalmia

  20. Pritha RaySircar Says:

    I am so very sorry to hear of Sameer’s passing. I cannot imagine the loss you must feel. Please accept my condolences and heartfelt wishes for peace and calm during this time.

    I never had the honor of meeting Sameer. Yet, I will say that his story will remain with me for my life long days. His passing will be a lesson to me live my life as if each moment was golden–a practice I am often all too falsely rushed to remember. Sameer’s story will help me remember. And for this I am eternally grateful.

    with respect and gratitude,

  21. Manish Jhurani Says:

    Dear Bhatia Family,
    I met Sameer in May of 2002 at the Young Sindhi Retreat in Atlanta. I remember him for his warmth, friendliness, and humility. He was charismatic and interesting to talk to, and very down-to-earth. He was more interested in hearing what others had to say than he was in talking about himself. He was a thorough gentleman, and I am happy that I had the chance to meet him.

    The pictures speak so clearly to how much he loved his family, his wife, his friends. He exudes warmth and real human spirit to those who have never met him, and he has touched those of us who only met him once. It is clear that Sameer was a very, very special guy, and we are all grieving with you.

    May God bless you, and take care of you during this difficult time………..

    Manish Jhurani

  22. CB Says:

    Ma Bodhyi tun ji pooja per ro-kay na sagyas waaqt khey
    Dookhi Marun jilai Sameer ji zaroorat hu-hee wadhika asankhay

    Tunjay Putthu jay-ra ghat ayen kam karan laiy,
    tadhen hu-nan jo waqt sabreen handh thoro hi thee wendho aihay

    Kushi ain pyaar felaran laih vendha aahin jithay kithey
    Maroon jai mun mein shaakti peda kandha ayhin jithay vendha ayhin hoothey

    Ma ta hait natho achi sagaan, tadhen moklon-do aayan penjhan khey
    Maaf kajen mukhay, Sameer ji zaroorat hu-hee wadhika asankhay.

    Fakoor sa kandh mathay karey haal ain kush kismet samj paran khey
    Cho-jey karey heri kushi penjay santaan ma tohran khey hi milay

  23. JT Klepp Says:

    I only found out this today, and am completely devastated. Sameer my friend, know that you were loved all over the world. I will really and truly miss you and going to a mobile conference will never be the same.